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    2. 01/10/2018 at 7:00 am
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    2. 12/31/2018 at 5:30 pm
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    2.  Here's a sample month-by-month plan to get you started. Customize your calendar plan to fit your typical seasonal agenda, for example, purge before events such as acquiring new travel accessories for vacations; shopping for back-to-school clothes and supplies; and replacing outgrown, busted or outdated sporting gear each season. Base it on calendar holiday themes or schedule individual rooms to tackle each month.

      §  January. It's the New Year. Declutter ghosts of Christmas past to make room for the new gifts. Things to toss, donate, or sell include anything you don't ever use -- or that you outright dislike. You may feel that you're somehow betraying the giver if you get rid of the gift, but the egg extruder must go!

      §  February. This is the perfect time to dump those stacks of old love letters, Valentine's Day cards (all old greeting cards, for that matter), photos (business cards, too) of people whose names and faces you can no longer recall, and sentimental knick-knacks you don't associate with anyone meaningful -- as well as quite a few that you do.

      §  March. Soon it will be time for gardening. Go through the potting shed and throw out expired seeds and broken pots, holey gardening gloves and broken spray nozzles and bottles. Properly dispose of toxic herbicides and pesticides you no longer really want to use but think, maybe someday? You won't. If you've been planning a winter project with old scraps or unused items you've been saving and you haven't done it yet, get started now or donate the unused materials to a school or artist.

      §  April. Look for sporting equipment the kids have outgrown over the winter. It's the perfect time to donate or sell old bicycles. Go through your car's trunk and glove compartment. You may find things in there you forgot you had, which means they are ripe for purging. Shred and dispose of papers you no longer need for tax purposes.

      §  May. Before the weather gets too warm, move boxes and large or heavy items out of your storage unit, the garage, the basement, or the attic. Go through those boxes you haven't opened in years and re-evaluate why you are still keeping the contents. Get rid of anything that's been broken or damaged while it's been stored. Make an inventory of what you keep, and label boxes with contents before putting them back.

      §  June. Evaluate the condition of your travel accessories and camping gear. Some of these items take up a lot of space, so if you are planning to replace them with something more up-to-date, donate the old. If your luggage is past it's travel-worthiness, repurpose it for storage, a pet bed, or toss it.

      §  July. Survey your closets for spring and summer clothes, scarves, accessories and handbags you haven't worn or used since last year. Donate or sell them so someone else can still enjoy them this season. Inventory supplies for your home office, personal desk space, and kids' school and art supplies. Toss dried up pens. Melt stubby crayon bits in muffin tins to make big, multicolor crayons. If you take stock of what you have, you can avoid overbuying.

      §  August. Go through the kids' artwork and school papers that they (and you) have been saving. Keep only the best of the best examples of their work unless you need a large portfolio to accompany applications. Set up a shallow bin to save this year's exemplary papers and a frame to display new artwork that you rotate in and out all year.

      §  September. The kids are back in school and fall projects are waiting. Get your craft room, man cave, or workshop back online by purging old supplies and taking stock of what you need for new projects. Once you have everything pared down, you can DIY a new organization system with modules from the big box stores, IKEA hacks, or by repurposing old cabinets. For a more upscale remodel, call in a custom closet organization specialist.

      §  October. The holidays are coming 'round again. Get your kitchen reorganized by starting with the pantry. Throw out expired foods, especially if you can't remember when you bought them. If the shelves are deep, line them with sturdy baskets to corral small stuff -- no higher than eye level, however, or the contents may fall on your head when you pull the bins out. Go through cabinets and drawers. Purge chipped plates, one-task appliances and gadgets.

      §  November. As you buy new holiday decorations and home decor, weed through the old ones. If you don't want to run into the same storage problems you had last year, now is the time to release those you're not overly fond of to make room for some new ones. Donate them, not just for the tax write-off, but because you know someone on a tight budget is also hoping for some new-to-them decorations.

      §  December. Take the beginning of the month to declutter your closets of warm clothing you didn't wear last year and drop it off at your favorite charity. If you already know you're planning to buy newer versions of old electronics, donate them, too. If they no longer work, drop them off at an e-waste collection center.


April 04: LOCKS - Does it really make a difference?

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    2. 04/04/2018 at 7:00 am
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    2. 12/31/2018 at 5:30 pm
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    2. Overton Road Self Storage
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    2. Even after you’ve chosen a secure storage facility, you still can take steps to make sure your belongings are safe. 

      Many storage facilities let you choose your own lock for your unit’s door. Taking the time to choose a lock that will hold up against bolt cutters is highly recommended. You should avoid buying a lock with a long shackle, which is the loop that passes through or around the object you’re locking. 

      Disc locks are the most popular self-storage locks. We recommend purchasing a disc lock which is difficult to cut making it much more burglar-proof.  For starters, it can’t be snapped with bolt cutters because of the way in which they’re designed. What’s more is that other tools, like hammers and lock picks, are also largely ineffective. It can be manipulated and picked, yes, but it will take a considerable amount of time to do so compared to other types of locks. That’s notable considering that most thieves are looking for a quick, easy in and out. In fact, to manipulate a disc lock, most thieves would have to turn to grinding it, which is messy, loud and time consuming. 

      Disc locks actually originated for the sole purpose of securing self-storage units. They’re typically made of stainless steel, so they are able to thrive in year-round weather. Perhaps the lone disadvantage of going the disc lock route is that these locks will cost you more than the padlock or the combination lock. But when it comes to your personal belongings, it’s better to spend a little bit more money upfront than have to spend a lot of money replacing your valuables later on.



      If you have a few high-value items among your stored possessions, it is recommended that you place those valuables in the back of your unit. Doing so can protect your most important belongings from what is referred to as a “crash and grab” theft. In this type of burglary, thieves break into several units and quickly seize whatever looks like it holds the most value. Because these burglaries often happen so quickly–usually in a matter of minutes–crooks will be less likely to snatch important items if you’ve made them more difficult to grab.



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    2. 05/09/2018 at 9:00 am
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    2. 12/31/2018 at 5:30 pm
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      Mother’s Day is right around the corner and men everywhere are scrambling for just the right Mother’s Day gift. Many of those same men probably are thinking about purchasing yet again, another item for Mom, something that will just take up more space. Why not give Mom, something she has been asking for? A self storage unit.

      I know, I know your wife has not been asking for a storage unit. But if your wife is like me, she has been asking you, or, maybe even nagging you to clean out that garage,shed, yard or extra room in the house. You know get rid of some of that junk,uh, stuff you are saving…… saving for I don’t know what. You know that stuff,the stuff you just can’t bear to get rid of. The stuff, you just might need again someday, right. Sure, I know it’s good stuff after all.

      So, here’s my suggestion for a Mother’s Day gift. A gift that might just make Mom and yourself happy at the same time! Maybe even save your marriage. Ok, I’m stretching that one…

      But seriously, if there is a room that your wife has been asking you to clean out,now would be a good time. And it would be a great Mother’s Day Gift too. So, go through the garage, shed or whatever room she wants you to clear out. Separate the things you might need or use in the next few months from the things you might use only once a year. Discard the things you know you will never use again, that is if you have any (lol). Now you’re ready… Give Overton Road Self Storage a call and let us get you into that unit that is perfectly perfect! You can also go online and see what all our facility has to offer and reserve your unit at .

      Once you runit is rented, you can begin to move all the stuff you need or want to save to your new self storage unit, thereby cleaning out that space your wife wants cleaned out. Want to make this gift even more special? Spruce up the newly cleared out space with a fresh coat of paint, or, window treatments, etc. Ok, I know, now I’m pushing it. Although a potted spring plant would be a nice touch.

      Just think how happy your wife will be to be able to park her car in the garage. Or how happy she will be when she is working with her orchids on her new potting bench in the shed. Or, how much fun she will have redecorating the new guest room, or, working on her crafts in her new space.

      See, a selfstorage unit can be the perfect Mother’s Day gift after all!


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May 21: Overton Road Self Storage offers some advice to prepare your RV to roll into summer!

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    2. 05/21/2018 at 9:00 am
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    2. 07/31/2018 at 5:30 pm
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    2. Overton Self Storage offers some advice to prepare your RV to roll into summer!

      RVs everywhere are stretching their collective arms, giving out big yawns, and preparing themselves to get on the road again. If only it were that simple! But, of course, our RVs need us to wake them gently in the spring. 

      You probably carefully winterized your RV last fall, but now you have a few more warm weather maintenance tasks to complete. Keep yourself motivated while getting your motor home ready for summer by anticipating all the fun ahead!

      RV Summer MaintenanceChecklist: Make it Roadworthy

      Here’s a handy checklist to get you moving in the right direction with your RV before your first trip after storage. First, pay attention to all the things in your RV that get you safely to your destinations and back. 

      1)    Remove the RV cover, or,tarp, and inspect the exterior and interior for damage.

      2)    Reinstall the charged battery, and clean terminals.

      3)    Check all fluid levels.

      4)    Test brakes and lights.

      5)    Adjust tire pressure.

      6)    Check maintenance books, and perform any needed maintenance or repairs.

      (Don’t forget about your onboard generator.)

      7)    Wash the exterior.


      RV Spring Maintenance Checklist: Make it Livable 

      You’re almost done. Now that you know your RV is roadworthy, it’s time to make sure it’s livable too!

      1)   Flush all freshwater and holding tanks. Drain and flush the water heater according to directions in manual, and make sure the water heater is full before lighting burner. Sanitize freshwater tanks with a bleach and water solution.

      2)   Turn on an LP tank, and test stove burners, allowing trapped airto run out of gas lines.

      3)   Replace air filter if needed.

      4)   Light the gas on your refrigerator, furnace and water heater.

      5)   For RV safety inspect the fire extinguisher, and, replace batteries in the fire detector and the carbon monoxide detector.

      6)   Dust and vacuum interior, and, wipe down surfaces.


      Finally, you can go shop for groceries and get on the road. Happy travels! 

      Do you have a favorite destination for your first summer RV trip?

      Share it with us on our Facebook page.


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    2. 07/02/2018 at 5:00 pm
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    2. 07/31/2018 at 5:30 pm
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    2. BE SAFE and enjoy THE FOURTH OF JULY HOLIDAY withthese helpful tips!

      Fourth of July is this Wednesday. It will be a day of picnics with friends and family, parades, fireworks, and, trips to the beach.There is one major fireworks display “Thunder on the Mountain” that is a tradition in Birmingham. 

      The 4th of July holiday events are always fun, but they can also be very dangerous due to mishandling and misuse of fireworks, improper grilling techniques, or, unsafebeach-going practices. Keep your family safe this holiday weekend by sharing afew fireworks, grilling, and, beach safety tips!

      Beach Safety Tips

      Many families will be heading to the beaches along the coast of Alabama and Florida.  There area few simple tips to remember when you spend large amounts of time at the beach that even the avid beach goer should always be reminded of:

      ·        Only swim in a life guarded beach within a designated swimming area. These areas are roped off for safety reasons. If there is a rip current warning, do not go swimming!

      ·        Keep alert for local weather conditions. Storms can move in off shore very quickly.

      ·        Always swim with a buddy.

      ·        Young children should always wear a coast guard approved life   jacket.

      ·        Watch out for aquatic life including turtles and turtle nests. Keep an eye out for reports for shark sightings or attacks at the beaches.

      ·        Limit exposure to direct sunlight between 10 am and 4 pm. If you are outside during these times, always wear sunscreen starting at SPF 15. If you are fairer, then go with higher SPF’s.

      ·        Drink plenty of water. Avoid caffeine and alcohol when outside in hot weather as these types of beverages will make you more dehydrated. 

      Grilling Safety Tips

      It is very important to be prepared and safe when using both propane and charcoal grills.

      ·        Propane and charcoal barbeque grills should only be used outdoors. The grill should be placed away from the home, deck railings and overhanging branches. Clear away any flammable debris that is in the area where the grill is placed.

      ·        Make sure that the grill is placed in a well-ventilated area and is firmly in place and cannot be tipped over.

      ·        Never leave a grill unattended when it is in use.

      ·        Keep children and pets at least 3 feet away from the grill at all times.

      ·        If using a charcoal grill, only use charcoal starter fluid to enhance or start the fire. Do not add any other flammable fluids to the fire. When you are finished using the charcoal grill, let the coals completely cool before deposing them in a metal container.

      ·        For propane tank grills use, always check the tank and hoses for leaks before each use. If you smell gas while cooking on the grill, immediately get away from the grill and call the fire department. Do not move the grill!

      ·        Do not use wire brushes to clean your grill.

      ·        Use long-handled utensils when cooking on a grill to avoid burns and splatters. Do not wear loose-fitting clothing near the open flame of a grill. Use flame –retardant mitts when adjusting hot vents and grills.

       Fireworks Safety Tips

      It is recommended to attend public fireworks shows put on by professionals.  If you do plan on setting off any type of fireworks,there are important safety tips that should be followed.

      ·        Obey all local laws pertaining to fireworks and displaying fireworks.

      ·        Keep pets indoors if you are setting off fireworks. They could become agitated with the sights, sounds, and smells of fireworks.

      ·        Keep the children and pets at least 500 feet away from where fireworks are being set off.

      ·        Only use fireworks outside. Point fireworks away from homes. Keep fireworks away from landing in trees and brush as these materials are extremely flammable.

      ·        Have a hose, a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher on hand for emergency situations. Soak all of the fireworks after use in a bucket of water before throwing them in a metal thrash can.

      ·        Light one firework at a time. Never relight a dud firework.

      ·        Make sure to properly dispose of the dud fireworks in water before depositing in a metal container.

      ·        Supervise children when using sparklers. It is important to hold on tight to the sparklers when in use. Do not use sparklers while sitting down and never throw them when they are lit. Children do not realize that sparklers can get up to 2,000 degrees and can be extremely dangerous. 

      Overton Road Self Storage wishes everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July!